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  • Auto
  • Work Comp
  • Slip and Fall

Who Pays the Bill

  • Auto
    • Chart
  • Munoz case
    • Case says at-fault party must pay medical bills if injured person does not have no-fault insurance
  • Work Comp
  • Slip and Fall

How to get bill paid

  • Auto
  • Application for No-Fault Benefits Form
  • Work comp
    See chart
  • Slip and fall
    See chart

Why Insurance company denies bill

  • adverse medical examination
    • Insurance company claims bill was not reasonable
    • Insurance company claims bill was not necessary or is excessive
    • Insurance company claims bill is not caused by motor vehicle accident
  • lapse in treatment
  • insurance company claims bill is not a covered expense under the no-fault act such as beds, pillows, etc.
  • statute of limitation

How to contest insurance company denial

  • Arbitration
    See Petition
    Claims less than $10,000.00 at the time of filing of arbitration can be decided through the American Arbitration Association
  • Court
    Claims greater than $10,000.00 at the time of filing must be decided in district court
  • Individual can file a complaint with the Commissioner of Insurance
    See Insurance Commissioner's phone number and web site for insurance commissioner

Medical proof necessary to obtain benefits


  • Mileage
    See Mileage form
  • Reasonable parking and transportation costs
  • Wage loss
    85% of gross average weekly wage up to $250.00 per week is the standard policy
    NOTE: Some policies can be increased through stacking or election of additional coverage
    • Sample disability slip
    • Sample employment verification
  • Replacement services
    Individuals are entitled to replacement services up to $200.00/week
    NOTE: policies can change due to staking and additional coverage purchases

Sample Replacement disability slip
Sample form for proof of person performing service

Primary Homemaker Services

See Homemaker Inventory
See Homemaker Summary

Chiropractic Forms-Application for Benefits