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Because of our long, snowy winters, patches of ice and snow are a near constant hazard. But snow also gets tracked inside, and presents a near constant winter hazard inside businesses-including grocery stores, retail establishments, and public buildings. A property owner has a duty to keep his or her property safe and clear of any known defects, or give fair warning to visitors of potential dangers on the property, whether they are areas where water pools, ice develops, or there are other hazards. If someone falls and is injured, the property owner may be legally responsible for those injuries. Many property owners have medical insurance that will cover your medical bills regardless of fault. Sometimes, we can work with insurers to settle the case before a suit is even filed.

If you have been injured in a fall, you need a personal injury attorney who has experience in presenting slip and fall and trip and fall claims persuasively and accurately. In the Twin Cities, the personal injury lawyers at Sawicki & Phelps, P.A. will help you recover and get just compensation for your injuries.

Slip and fall injuries can range from severe bruising and bodily injury, to catastrophic injury, including spinal cord trauma, concussion, and broken bones. The injuries can lead to prolonged head, neck, and back pain that requires long term treatment from orthopedists and chiropractors, and the responsible property owner should bear the costs.

We have helped many slip and fall victims recover when who have been injured in grocery stores, parking lots, and private sidewalks, as well as others injured due to poor lighting, faulty carpeting, and holes in the floor.

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If you have been injured by a slip and fall on icy pavement in the Twin Cities area, contact a personal injury attorney at Sawicki & Phelps, P.A. in Inver Grove Heights for a free initial consultation.

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