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Water and Foodborne Illness Attorneys

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Food poisoning is becoming more prevalent and dangerous as we rely on fast food restaurants and pre-packaged meals to feed our families daily. We expect these foods to be nutritious, tasty, and safe. As recent events have made clear, while we may expect our food to be free from pathogens, foodborne illness caused by bacteria such as e. coli and listeria, food suppliers and restaurants cannot protect us from it. At Sawicki & Phelps, P.A. in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, we have helped the victims of food borne illness receive just compensation for significant medical costs, lost wages, and other damages.

If you have been the victim of food borne illness, it is very important to have a personal injury lawyer with a track record of success in this area of the law. We have successfully litigated many of these cases, and are prepared to handle serious illness and wrongful death cases stemming from food borne pathogens:

  1. e. coli
  2. Salmonella
  3. Listeria
  4. Giardia
  5. Botulism
  6. Hepatitis
  7. Toxoplasma
  8. Food borne parasites, such as trichinosis and tape worms

Issues involving food safety and contaminated drinking water are often overlooked and underestimated, but in fact these pathogens are quite serious and sometimes life threatening. Food poisoning symptoms can range from simple flu-like gastro-intestinal irritation--such as diarrhea and stomach ache--that may last only a short period to more serious conditions that require hospitalization. To at risk groups, such as pregnant women, children, HIV-positive, and elderly individuals, these illnesses can be deadly.

If you have been exposed to contaminated food, save what is left of the food and see a doctor immediately. Report the incident to your state or local Department of Health. Save all receipts or packaging, and notify the restaurant or store about the illness. Then contact a qualified personal injury attorney about your potential claim. In Minnesota, call (866) MN-LAW-4-U or (866) 665-2948 to speak to an attorney at Sawicki & Phelps, P.A. about your food poisoning illness.

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