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Because most dog bites occur in the pet owner's home, or the victim's home, it is very important to contact an attorney who is able to get adequate compensation for the injuries while avoiding potential conflict between neighbors, friends, or relatives. At Sawicki & Phelps, P.A. in Inver Grove Heights, we have helped many people recover damages from dog bite injuries in the Twin Cities without needless contention. Many times, we can settle these cases without the need to file suit.

A dog attack can lead to extremely serious injury and permanent scarring, especially if it was a breed traditionally used for guarding or sport, such as a pit bull, rottweiler, or German shepherd, but bites from smaller breeds can be just as common and traumatic. The injuries from dog bites, or any animal attack, can have long-lasting effects, including facial scars, facial numbness, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and in rare cases can be fatal. If a child is involved, those injuries can be even more devastating, especially since they commonly involve bites to the face and neck.

At Sawicki & Phelps, P.A., our attorneys can usually help the victim make a claim against the insurance company, rather than your neighbors directly. It is important to preserve your options after a dog bite by reporting the incident to the police or animal control, seeking medical treatment, preserving any evidence, and discussing the matter with a qualified attorney.

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If you or your child has been bitten by a neighbor's dog in the Ramsey, Hennepin, or Dakota County, contact the law office of Sawicki & Phelps, P.A. in Inver Grove Heights for a free initial consultation to discuss your potential claim.

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